Democratic Party rules committee votes to keep superdelegates


The Democratic Party rules committee, meeting today in Philadelphia, has voted against an amendment that would have abolished the superdelegate system.

According to a live video streamed by attorney and Miami resident Bruce Jacobs, who was present when the vote happened, the proposal was defeated 58-108.

Compromise proposals, such as reducing the influence of superdelegates by making their votes count less than other delegates, may also be considered.

In addition to the 4,051 pledged delegates allocated according to the results of primaries and caucuses, the Democratic Party primary process includes 719 unpledged delegates, commonly known as “superdelegates.” While pledged delegates are bound to support a certain candidate based on the results of the voting in their state or congressional district, superdelegates may vote for whichever candidate they choose.

Superdelegates have come into the spotlight in 2016 for a number of reasons. Many Bernie Sanders supporters have decried their inclusion in the process as undemocratic. The superdelegates currently support Hillary Clinton overwhelmingly, with 568 backing the former Secretary of State and only 43 supporting Bernie Sanders.


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