Today’s Political Outlook

The U.S. House of Representatives, state-by-state.
A majority of U.S. Representatives from the blue states are Democrats.
A majority of U.S. Representatives from the red states are Republicans.
Notice the several states that often vote blue in presidential elections but whose representatives are overwhelmingly Republican.
US House Delegates
The U.S. Senate, state-by-state.
Although this map isn’t nearly as red as the U.S. House map, again note how Republicans evidently turn out well enough in blue states to elect 1 Republican Senator in places like Illinois and Wisconsin, but Democrats don’t turn out well enough in many red states to elect at least 1 Democratic Senator.
US Senators
Clinton vs. Trump: 2016 electoral outlook, based on 2012 results and current polling.
Many of the “swing states” in recent years like Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Iowa, Colorado, and New Hampshire appear to fall solidly into Clinton’s camp in the likely Clinton vs. Trump general election. Even some usually Republican states, including Missouri, Utah, and Arizona, favor Clinton over Trump.

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